Clean & Vegan

SOBER BEAUTY is a counterbalance to the noise of modern-day beauty. Instead of more colors, more functions and more steps, we focus on exactly what you need - so that there is more space for you to just be you. We live clean beauty: Our products are safe, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

Our Philosophy


health is beauty


Beauty comes from being healthy, watching carefully what you put inside and on your body. We aim to minimize the negative effects of beauty products on our health and that of the planet and animals.


beautiful in your own skin


We believe beauty comes from knowing and accepting who you are. We believe a refined look does not require 20 steps and one perfect color is better than 10 that will just do.


everything is connected


The natural and social world and the individual shape and reinforce each other. When one thrives, the other thrives. We strive to be a net positive for our planet and people.

Our Clean Promise

Clean Beauty Makeup

No harmful ingredients

We banned ingredients, raw materials and production processes that are harmful to health or the environment.

Environmentally friendly

We minimize waste, use sustainable materials & green production processes. We encourage reuse & recycle.

No animal testing

We love animals and we never test on them.

We banned harmful ingredients

All products
free of

– may be harmful to health

– may irritate your skin

– may harm the environment

The Standard
Natural Foundation
Naturally glowing
Comfortable to wear
100% natural origin, infused with fermented centella oil
The O.N.E
Tinted Lip Oil
Essential colors for a dewy glow lip
Nourishing & hydrating with blends of natural oils
Certified by The Vegan Society
Multi-purpose for cheeks & eyes
Cream-to-powder, barely-there feel
Chamomile & sweet almond oil-infused
Natural Lipstick
Light weight, sheer matte & hydrating
90% natural, super-short ingredients list
infused with organic oats


Delivery box: recycled cardboard, only one side glued; 
Filling material: recycled honeycomb paper;
Pouch: Cotton, reusable;
Secondary packaging: Small size FSC cardboard, soy ink printing, no plastic wrap

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